Things to do in Spiti Valley

God’s beautiful creation Spiti is filled with beauty, nature and many exciting things to watch and do. The middle land Spiti is famous for tourism and the warmest helping locals. Apart from the many worth visiting old monasteries, Spiti has lots more things to enjoy and experience. We are listing below the top things to do in Spiti Valley.

River rafting:

The best place for river rafting is Spiti and Pin river with moderate level of difficulty. It covers 180 kms with wonderful scenery around of snowy mountains, hill top monasteries, snow-capped peaks, ridges, glaciers. River rafting at the confluence of Pin and Spiti river experiences the tourist with fantastic location, access to many beautiful places which is not reachable otherwise and offers the tourist with white water rafting enjoyment.

Fossil hunting:

To get acquainted with a unique experience of fossil hunting, the answer is Spiti valley. Langza and Hikkim villages of Spiti are the best places to find the sea fossils. These villages were so rich in marine animals and plants fossils that it is impossible not to find one for around 5 minutes. The Tethys Sea had so abundantly wrapped up these villages with fossils when Spiti was submerged under it. The local kids sell them and can be taken as souvenirs.

Pin Valley:

Its name is derived from the Pin River that flows through it. This cold desert sanctuary situated in the high altitude of Himalayas was declared a National Park in 1987. The park is full of greenery with some rare endangered medical plants. It is the home for many rare birds and animals like snow leopard, ibex, Himalayan snowcocks etc. The park has huge attraction to admire the beauty of nature along with wildlife. The best time to visit is between July to October.

Gue – The Mummy Village:

A small hamlet situated between the town of Sumdo and Tabo is a quite ancient and historical place called Gue Village. Situated at a height of around 10,000 ft. witness a mummy of a meditating lama in a squatting position with teeth and hair intact. It is placed in a glass chamber dressed in silk robes close to the Gompa. The mummified lamba was discovered by the workers of Indo Tibetan border police while constructing a border surveillance post near Sumdoh. There is no entry fee and open for all to watch this mysterious wonder which is about 500 to 600 years old.

Send a post card from the highest Post office:

The world’s highest post office became functional in 1983. The post office is located between groups of houses made up of mud and stone, painted white color. It has received this honor as it is situated at a height of 4,389 meters in Hikkim village which is sandwiched between Komik and Langza village. This post office is worth visiting and writing a post card from here is a must to do activity.


Shopping is one such activity which everyone loves to do without any effort and to bring back some great souvenirs. The market area of Kaza is popular for shopping in the entire Spiti. Here you can find Tibetan and Buddhist handicrafts like flags, bowls, wheels, buddha statues and unique things like human bone and skull decorated in silver and gold work. They are used for religious purposes. The Spiti t-shirts are also sold as sweet souvenirs of this beautiful journey.

Yak Safari:

One of the gorgeous towns in Himachal where the locals too are friendly and sweet, always ready to help the tourists. In order to actually enjoy and experience Spiti , one needs to stay, travel and live the lifestyle of the locals. Yak Safari is one such local ride opted by locals for trekking or traveling. Almost every family has at least one yak with them for their accessibility for different climatic conditions.

Camp at Chandrataal lake:

The crescent shaped lake known as Chandra Taal is situated at 4,300 meters high. Its beauty is beyond imagination and it is honored as the most photographed lake in the entire world. The mesmerizing view, incredible beauty of snow-covered peaks on all sides, green meadows makes the locations perfect for camping especially early morning. The best time to go for camping is between May to September. The nights here are very cold so one should pack and plan accordingly.

Explore the local grape wine:

Unlike other villages Ribba is a small village covered with deep snow and cut off from rest of the world for six months of the year. The village is not so popular but the locals here are so hardworking that for survival they grow grapes locally and prepare the local brew made of these grapes. They had named it as Rokh Dakhan and they preserve, stock it for winter. Along with grapes, the local also grow best quality apricots, walnuts and apples. It is really an amazing experience to visit this village and taste it.

There are few more things that you can do while you are in Spiti Valley. Like you can take a picture with a lama, experience a stay at a monastery or a home stay. You can also enjoy lunch at a monastery and do some meditation.

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