Places in Manali worth adding to your visit list

Manali, the all-time favorite holiday destination for travelers from all around the globe is one of the best places to experience the blanket of snow. Tourists visit Manali to explore the beauty of nature, have some adventure and also have fun with snow.

The exhilaration that you get when visiting Manali is something that you should experience at least once in your lifetime. Manali is an ocean of exotic natural beauty, the more you get deeper, its magnificent creation are more widely visible. Each place in Manali is famous for its own uniqueness and all are worth visiting. However, we’ve made a list of some places that should definitely be added to your visit list.

Van Vihar National Park:

Located on the Mall road, this beautiful garden is the most frequently visited tourist destination in Manali. Decorated and bordered with tall deodar trees, this park is a perfect place for nature lovers. It is well maintained by the municipal corporation of the city. There are concrete and wooden benches in the park to enjoy under the shades of deodar trees for the comfort of visitors.

Van Vihar

It is a perfect picnic destination to relax and rejuvenate mind and body by lying down on the green grass and looking at the bountiful Himalayas while enjoying the greenery around you. The gem of this park is the crystal-clear water lake in the center of the park.

Van Vihar Park

Boating on the calm still water, watching the small fishes and listening to the music made by birds fascinates one’s soul and mind. There are self-operated paddle boats as well as manually operated boats for the convenience of tourists. The best time for the trip is during summer from March to June as it experiences great weather. Winter brings snow blanket and the lakes are frozen while monsoon damps the ground. It is best accessible by road as the bus service of State government ply around Van Vihar National Park

Mall Road:

Heart of the street with its wide variety of shopping opportunities has become the famous shopping destination. The street is always rushed and crowded throughout the day hence automobiles are not allowed to avoid traffic and one can roam freely. It is the center for all places of interest for shopping.

Mall Road

Mall road is the perfect place to begin exploring Manali as hotels, shops, restaurants are lined neatly. It’s like the magical stick with all the desired fulfilling wish power within it. From smaller novelty item like keychains to very heavy and expensive pashmina shawls, everything is available here and hence it is the perfect place for shopping.

Mall Road in Manali

This busy commercial center is the one and only place in Manali for shopping. With numerous shops and emporiums, the real charm of this British built market area appears in night time. The street has everything from Kullu and Kashmiri shawls, Kashmiri salwar suits, paper silk saree, artificial jewelry to wooden furniture and traditionally made pickles. It also includes Hong Kong market, Lama underground market, Shangri La shopping complex, Thai market. Foodies can munch on the street food as well as the variety of food available at several restaurants.

Club House:

This fantastic amusement region is located at 2kms from Manali and on the left bank of river Manalsu Nallah. It is run and managed by Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation and is built in British style with the aim to encourage tourism at this place.

Club House

This is an ideal place for all ages of people as it offers various recreational activities-indoor as well as outdoor. For indoor games lovers, games like Billiards, carrom, video games, table tennis, roller skating rink are best options whereas for outdoor games lovers, activities like boating, river crossing, zip lining are available to satisfy their adventure love. Also, for entertainment, cultural programs are also scheduled and a library is available for the bookworms.

Club House in Manali

Along with the recreational activities, tourists can also shop here from the government shops which provide items like clothes, woollen accessories, handicrafts etc at reasonable rates. An in-house restaurant is also available for snacks and beverages.

Arjun Gufa:

One of the major attraction for tourists, Arjun Gufa is famous for its ancient beauty, unending silence. Situated on the left bank of River Beas about 5kms from Manali, this cave is linked to the epic Mahabharata’s character, the great Pandava, Arjuna. He was a great warrior and archer. It is believed that Arjuna had performed his tapasya (meditation) here to strengthen himself by pleasing Lord Indra and received the powerful weapon “Pashupat Astra”.

Prini is the nearest village to Arjun Gufa. About 2kms there is a lake named Kunt Bhayo lake and a temple named Kunti Mata temple. Both are named after the mother of the Pandavas – Kunti. The beauty of the cave and its surrounding alpine forests are so appealing that it attracts people irrespective of their beliefs in legends.

The best time to visit this cave is in the morning. The temperature here drops down up to freezing point during winters hence heavy woollen clothes are recommended and mild to light woollens for summer.

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