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Interesting facts about Manali

Manali has always been in the top list of holiday destinations and a strong wish of everyone to visit this favorite hill station in the lap of Himalayas. Every nook and corner of Manali is blessed with mother nature. For an adventurous trip with friends or to spend leisure time with family, Manali is the best option to add value to your vacations and money.

We’ve listed below few interesting facts about Manali that not everyone knows.

Why is Manali called “Manali”?

The high-altitude Himalayan resort town Manali is a collection of three adjacent hills. Each hill has a village and an old temple region dominating it Old Manali village (Manu Temple), Vashishtha (Vashishtha Temple) and Dhungri (Hadimba Temple).

Manali received its name after the Hindu lawgiver sage Manu. He codified Hindu laws in his book Manusmriti. According to the legend, sage Manu saved many species of animals by making a huge raft for their shelter and brought them safe from heavy floods to this beautiful mountain. Here he meditated to recreate human life. The old Manali bears a temple of Saint Manu which is revered by the locals.

Manu Temple

Everyone in Manali owns an apple tree

Manali produces the finest apples in the country. The temperature, conditions offered by the Beas River basin makes the apple best among others in the whole country. The locals in Manali own at least one apple tree. There are many small houses tucked entirely hidden inside the apple orchards.

Apple orchard

The meaning of the word Rohtang

Despite of the harsh weather conditions, Rohtang is a popular skiing destination. “Rohtang” means heap of dead bodies. The place got its name since many people died here due to the harsh weather conditions. This place experiences extremely worst snow storms which is difficult to survive and hence it remains close during the winters. The best time to visit Rohtang is between May to October. The snow covered mountain and slopes offers the best place for skiing. There are trainers available to teach skiing and many shops who rent warm clothes, boots and ski equipment which make even the novice to fulfill their dreams of skiing.


The truth behind Hadimba temple

The Hadimba temple is an iconic structure dedicated to demon princess Hadimba Devi, wife of Pandava brother Bhima. The cave temple has its tiered roof like a pagoda, framed by towering deodars, small shrines with clay walls located at the foot of Himalayas in Manali. The temple is about 400 years old but still maintains its shrine and attracts lots of devotees across the country. According to the belief it is said that Bhima defeated Hadimb, the brother of Hadimba Devi and married her. Later when Bhima returned, she did not accompany him but stayed here, meditated and became the Goddess. Their son Ghatotkacha also has a shrine dedicated to him nearby.

Hadimba Devi Temple

Yak Cheese is one of the things that you should definitely buy here

After the Europeans discovered this region, they frequently visited this place of various nationalities. They learned yoga, started living here, married the locals. For their livelihood they opened many cafes of their own. The foodie’s paradise has a variety of options like soups, pastas, momos at reasonable prices. Manali’s mall road has the excellent yak cheese supplier-the German Bakery. This authentic yak cheese is creamy and subtle and you should buy a slab to take home.


Manali has rare species of flowers

The blooming flowers add to the glory of Manali almost throughout the year. The different and rare species of fruits and flowers can be observed and felt from near. Also, the different seasons fills Manali with colors, music, folk-dances and makes it more admirable.


Manali offers the best adventures

During winter, Paragliding at Solang Valley gives a worthy experience of the snow-covered mountains which is breathtaking and awesome. The ride will either scare you out of your wits or provide such a thrill that you will be craving for more.

Pciture taken by Raman Virdi

If you have the nerves, you can also try river rafting on the Beas river. Rafting is available in the months of May to mid June and from end September to mid October i.e. just before and after the rainy season.


Apart from paragliding and rafting, there are various other adventure sports available in Manali for the adventurous people. The other activities include zorbing, skiing, flying fox etc. Most of the activities are done at solang valley except for rafting and flying fox that are done near the Beas river.

Flying fox

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