Festivals of Manali worth witnessing

The famous holiday destination Manali is equally famous among honeymooners and backpackers. It is blessed with natural beauty. The locals understand and appreciate the dependence of culture and natural environment and hence we can observe unique diversity in its culture and rituals apart from being a hill station.

The spectacular colors of cultural events, zest, devotions are elaborately reflected in Manali’s fairs and festivals. Many tourists turn over these places during these periods of fest to experience the undiscovered and witness the culture of this panoramic valley.

Here are the famous fairs and festivals of Manali which attract tourist from nation as well as international boundaries:

Hadimba Devi Fair:

The Hadimba Devi Temple is counted amongst the must visit tourist places in Manali. The shrine of this place attracts many tourists along with locals. The local’s worship Hadimba Devi, wife of Pandava Brother Bhima and celebrate her birthday in the month of May. Fairs and festivals are organized and held in the Hadimba Devi temple premises during spring season. The environment is itself decorated with colorful, wild blossoms, music by birds and the icing on the cake is the Hadimba devi temple standing amidst tall cedar trees.

In the fair, one can enjoy and experience the various folk dance and music. Also, yagna mantras are performed to please the Devi and pay their offerings before the goddess.

Doongri forest festival:

This festival is held at the Van Vihar National Park, locally called the Doongri forest, in between May and June month to please and give a tribute to Hadimba devi. This festival is solely organized and volunteered by the women. The women here are dressed up in their traditional wear and perform their singing, dancing and other activities to witness this traditional art form. Many tourists visit during this time to witness this festival.


One of the India’s significantly celebrated festival is Dussehra. In Manali it is a month long festival and its celebration here begins in Manali after it comes to amend in rest parts of the country. It is celebrated usually in the month of October where people from all corners of the town come together to celebrate this function which symbolizes victory of good over evil. People in their best attire with colorful flags join the Shobha Yatra where lord Rama is brought on a beautifully decorated wooden chariot and wander the entire town. Also, the atmosphere is filled with music, colors. This is an important occasion in Manali and is being celebrated since 1660.

Winter Carnival:

February is the best time to visit Manali when it is covered entirely with a blanket of thick white snow. The winter carnival, as the name suggests, offers many adventurous winter sports activities. You can indulge in as many activities as you wish. The restaurants and cafes offer warm food. This is the best time to learn about the food culture of Manali, binge eat and capture some amazing pictures on your cameras.

Spring Festival:

The beginning of spring season and tourist season is celebrated as spring festival. Also called as Vasantotsava or pipal jatra, you can witness this festival at the Dhalpur ground of Kullu in the month of April. This fair is celebrated with great pomp, song, dance shows and many colorful stalls which attracts the tourist. This festival is declared as State festival and hence schools, college, offices have holiday during this time.

Lossar Festival:

This festival marks the beginning of a new year for the local Tibetan community of Manali and is celebrated by them by recreating the wedding of a local princess with Lord Padamsambhava.  This festival is celebrated in the month of February where the locals come in their traditional attire and make all the arrangements of their lord’s marriage. To witness the lively culture and rituals of complete Tibetan community, this is the best time to visit Manali and be a part of this celebration.

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