Experiences the undeniable charm of Old Manali

Manali is a perfect destination for all tourists throughout the year and it is one of the busiest tourist places. But a breath of fresh air is Old Manali, just about 3 kms from Main Manali or a 20 minutes uphill walk. The bridge over Manalsu River is the beginning and only connectivity for old Manali to Manali. Visiting Old Manali feels like entering into a new world in the laps of Mother nature. Absolute silence away from the noise of main Manali is Old Manali which has a unique serenity, roads leading through apple and pear orchards, snowcapped mountain peaks where one can sit and relax. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the beauty in its purest form.

Old Manali is surrounded by apple orchards

Old Manali is an appealing place due to the following reasons:

  • Nature around Old Manali is astonishing.
  • The feel of fresh air which is pure, water which comes direct from waterfalls tastes good.
  • The weather too plays an important role as tourist visit here according to their choices of activities being held here according to the season. The view and experience of snowfall mesmerizes tourists.
  • From Indian dishes to International food, the restaurants and café provides variety of delicious food as per the demands of visitors.
  • Shopping at affordable prices with lots of handmade materials is available at Mall road in Old Manali.
  • There are many guest houses lining the mall road available at a cheaper rate.
  • The cafes here are unique. Some give beautiful view of nature, some about art, culture, some have traditional look while some have live bands, karaoke nights, while some plays trance, Reggae or romantic songs.
Market in Old Manali

Old Manali is very famous and most frequently visited destination among tourists since life here is very simple and happening, the place gives a traditional feel. Locals still live in mud and wooden houses. It is a fine balance of globalized world and unadulterated local population. The people here are so polite, they help people going beyond their limit. There is no dishonesty done with foreigners who cannot communicate in the local language. Tourists are welcomed whole heartedly -Athithi Devo Bhava. Because of this nice gesture, tourists always have a memorable trip to this place.

Wooden Houses in Old Manali

Things to do:

  • Enjoy the cherries grown locally at affordable price outside Hadimba temple.
  • Shop for funky accessories and clothes from the wide variety available in Mall road.
  • Opt for hair braiding done here with all possible colorful threads and beads.
  • Visit the cafes and enjoy the tasty food along with the nature view and gushing sounds of river water.
  • Since Old Manali is a good base for trekking, one can witness the dreamlike views by heading out on a trek to Spiti Valley to explore the beauty.
  • Go for an offset activity like hiring a two-wheeler or by walk and explore the local villages, forest, roads.
  • Water rappelling activities are available near Manalsu river.

Old Manali is more popular among tourists and often visited as compared to Main Manali since the roads at Old Manali are less crowded and traffic too is smooth moving. The beautiful serenity and natural views are clearly visible from Old Manali and if you do not visit Old Manali when you are in Himachal Pradesh then you will out on the best part of your visit. We at Princess Villa would love to guide you on the trip.

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